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Simulation of dynamic effects on hydrostatic bearings and membrane restrictors

Simulation dynamischer Effekte auf hydrostatische Lager und Membrandrosseln
: Brecher, C.; Baum, C.; Winterschladen, M.; Wenzel, C.


Production Engineering. Research and development 1 (2007), No.4, pp.415-420
ISSN: 0944-6524
ISSN: 1863-7353
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPT ()
hydrostatisches Lager; hydrostatische Beanspruchung; statisches Verhalten; dynamisches Verhalten; hohe Geschwindigkeit; Drosselcharakteristik; Druckverteilung; Fließverhalten; Modellsimulation; Designoptimierung; Lagerberechnung; Lagerbetriebsverhältnisse; Lager-Maschinenelement; Lagerkonstruktion; Fluidmechanik; Gleitgeschwindigkeit; Dämpfungsverhalten; Steifigkeit; Genauigkeit; Drehmaschine; Lagersteifigkeit

Hydrostatic bearings have an excellent static and dynamic behavior and are used for different kinds of application. Application of hydrostatic bearings is limited by friction and therewith by velocity. Typical characteristics of the hydrostatic system (load, stiffness, flow) are calculated without a velocity dependency. The geometry of the hydrostatic bearing pockets and their restrictors are optimized by using time continuous pressure distribution at the bearing pocket, laminar flow behavior as well as constant velocity of the bearing. The dynamic effects of the flow at high velocities are not considered. The paper reflects the common design and calculation methods and shows their limitations in regard to the calculation of hydrostatic bearings at high velocities. It analyzes the results of complex dynamic flow simulations of hydrostatic bearings and presents a new design and optimization concept of hydrostatic bearings. This concept analyses the oil flow at high bearing velocities and it optimizes the bearing geometry, the restrictor geometry as well as the geometry of the main mechanical components.
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