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Knowledge visualization based on topic maps for computer-based learning applications

: Hornung, J.; Hornung, C.

International Council for Open and Distance Education -ICDE-:
The Future of Learning - Learning for the Future. Shaping the Transition. CD-ROM : Proceedings of the 20th World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education, Düsseldorf, Germany, 01-05 April 2001
Hagen: Fernuniv., 2001
ISBN: 3-934093-01-9
World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education <20, 2001, Düsseldorf>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
computer-based training; knowledge representation; computer-assisted instruction

We are living in a world where everyday more and more information is being produced. One of today's challenge faced by developers in the field of Knowledge Management is research an the search of new paradigms to deal efficiently with large amount of knowledge and to ease the discourse between human and the growing global and corporate information resources. In fact, it is worth to mention that, usually, too much information means no information at all. The new Topic Map concept can help to structure large knowledge domains. Topic Maps is a method for organizing information resources according to topics without changing its original form. The knowledge is described at several levels, and the information is structured by using a "hub paradigm". Topic Maps aim to create this structured information so that fast access to queried information and intelligent-like navigation can be provided. Topic Maps provide a semantic layer that is not hierarchical, although it could be visualized that way. In this paper, we present a new comprehensive model, based on Topic Maps, to structure and organize information in context with state-of the art Web-learning environments. The main objective here is to provide fast and intuitive access to learning material in networked environments.