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Faserbeton unter hochdynamischer Einwirkung

Fiber reinforced concrete under high dynamic loading
: Fuchs, M.; Keuser, M.; Schuler, H.; Thoma, K.


Beton- und Stahlbetonbau 102 (2007), No.11, pp.759-769
ISSN: 0005-9900
ISSN: 1437-1006
Journal Article
Fraunhofer EMI ()

High dynamic actions like high velocity impact loads and blast loads due to detonations usually represent exceptional or accidental loads against structures. But in the course of safety policy thoughts their consideration in structural engineering gains in importance. Besides the consideration in design of structural members, there is also a need for development and optimization of new construction materials against high dynamic loading. Thereby the addition of fibers to concrete has been proved as essential to secure adequate protection. Against this background the present article deals with the behavior of fiber reinforced concrete subjected to high dynamic loads. Starting with a brief description of basics, the Hopkinson-Bar-tests, which have been carried out to gain information concerning the dynamic characteristics of fiber reinforced concrete will be presented. Penetration tests on fiber reinforced concrete panels show an application of fiber reinforced concrete for protective structures.