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Improvement options for external power supplies and battery chargers - results of the EuP preparatory study

: Schischke, K.; Mugdal, S.; Turunen, L.; Lescuyer, L.; Nissen, N.

Kompetenzzentrum Elektronik & Umwelt -KERP-, Wien:
Eco-X: Sustainable Recycling Management & Recycling Network Centrope : Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference. May 9-11, 2007, Vienna
Wien, 2007
ISBN: 978-3-200-00920-2
International ECO-X Conference <2, 2007, Wien>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZM ()
product design; greenhouse effect; charger; Adapter

The paper highlights the key findings of the EuP Preparatory Study on external power supplies and battery chargers. This study, being one of currently 14 such product group specific studies, serves as the technical, economical and environmental analysis which will be the basis to draft implementing measures. Results of this study are due in December 06. The analysis comprises in detail the definition of the product category, a market analysis, aspects of user behaviour and related barriers for ecodesign, a systems analysis, an environmental assessment of the current market for external power supplies and battery chargers, and an in-depth technical analysis on improvement potentials. The improvement options have to consider life cycle costs and especially the point of least life cycle costs for the consumer, whereas "best available technology" might serve as a promotional target under EuP. The analysis is based on key applications, such as power supplies for mobile phones, DECT phones, and laptops and takes into account all major technical parameters relevant for this whole product spectrum. The approach used throughout this study is the MEEuP methodology, which also prescribes the way, how the life cycle oriented environmental assessment has to be carried out. The results will name technical options, which are feasible and available in the market already today to improve the environmental performance of external power supplies and battery chargers, taking into account a thorough balancing of life cycle impacts. As this EuP preparatory study and the study on street lighting are going to be the first ones, which come up with results, it is expected, that the outcomes give a good orientation what matters under EuP in general.