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An auditory streaming approach on melody extraction

: Dressler, K.

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International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory -IMIRSEL-; University of Illinois, Graduate School of Library and Information Science -GSLIS-:
Mirex 2006, the Second Annual Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange. Abstract Collection : 8.9. - 12.9.2006, Victoria, Canada
Champaign, IL: GSLIS, 2006
Annual Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange (MIREX) <2, 2006, Victoria>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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The MIREX (Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange) framework provides a common set of data to evaluate and compare a vast variety of MIR systems. This paper describes our submission to the audio melody extraction evaluation addressing the task of identifying the melody pitch contour from polyphonic musical audio. It shall give an overview about the used methods and a discussion of the evaluation results. The presented algorithm is a derivative of our submission to MIREX’05. Therefor we will outline changes between the two versions and discuss the impact of the further developments. The MIREX 2006 evaluation results show that our algorithm performs best in pitch detection and melody extraction.