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Two note based approaches to query by singing/humming

: Sailer, C.

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International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory -IMIRSEL-; University of Illinois, Graduate School of Library and Information Science -GSLIS-:
Mirex 2006, the Second Annual Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange. Abstract Collection : 8.9. - 12.9.2006, Victoria, Canada
Champaign, IL: GSLIS, 2006
Annual Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange (MIREX) <2, 2006, Victoria>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IDMT ()

This paper describes the submissions to the MIREX 2006 Query by Singing/Humming task delivered by Fraunhofer IDMT. The approach presented here is based on extracting the pitch out of monophonic singing (or humming), and hereafter segmenting and quantising it into a melody composed of discrete notes. Finally this melody is compared to a database of indexed melodies, using an error tolerant similarity search. Two algorithms have been submitted that differ in the melody extraction method, roughly characterized by the trade-off between accuracy of transcription (and therefore recall) and computing time needed. A third version accepting queries in midi format has also been submitted.