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Finding cover songs by melodic similarity

: Sailer, C.; Dressler, K.

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International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory -IMIRSEL-; University of Illinois, Graduate School of Library and Information Science -GSLIS-:
Mirex 2006, the Second Annual Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange. Abstract Collection : 8.9. - 12.9.2006, Victoria, Canada
Champaign, IL: GSLIS, 2006
Annual Music Information Retrieval Evaluation Exchange (MIREX) <2, 2006, Victoria>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IDMT ()

This paper describes the submission to the MIREX 06 (Music Information Retrieval EXchange) Audio Cover Song task delivered by Fraunhofer IDMT. A method to detect cover songs by comparing the most salient melodies of musical pieces is proposed, based on the assumption that cover versions of one song contain the same melody. To this end, the predominant melody of the musical pieces to be considered is extracted and characteristic parts are sought for. The melodic similarity between the pieces is calculated and derived from these values, a distance matrix is constructed.