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A controlled conical lens for the formation of Bessel light beams

: Kazak, N.S.; Kröning, M.; Mashchenko, A.G.; Ropot, P.I.


Optics and spectroscopy 103 (2007), No.5, pp.800-803
ISSN: 0030-400X
ISSN: 1562-6911
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IZFP ()

The possibility of the formation of zero-order Bessel light beams using a uniaxial crystal with cylindrical electrodes is investigated. It is shown that, if a given polarization distribution is provided in the incident beam, a Bessel light beam with the cone angle controlled by an external electric field is formed. It is proposed to use this result for the matching of the axicon parameters and creation of conical lenses with an adjustable cone angle.