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20 Gb/s 85 degrees C error-free operation of VCSELs based on submonolayer deposition of quantum dots

: Hopfer, F.; Mutig, A.; Fiol, G.; Kuntz, M.; Shchukin, V.A.; Haisler, V.A.; Warming, T.; Stock, E.; Mikhrin, S.S.; Krestnikov, I.L.; Livshits, D.A.; Kovsh, A.R.; Bornholdt, C.; Lenz, A.; Eisele, H.; Dahne, M.; Ledentsov, N.N.; Bimberg, D.


IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics 13 (2007), No.5, pp.1302-1308
ISSN: 1077-260X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer HHI ()

980 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers based on submonolayer growth of quantum dots show clearly open eyes and operate error free with bit error rates better than 10(-12) at 25 and 85 degrees C for 20 Gb/s without current adjustment. The peak differential efficiency only reduces from 0.71 to 0.61 W/A between 25 and 85 degrees C; the maximum output power at 25 degrees C is above 10 mW.