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Surface roughness evolution and growth mechanism of carbon films from hyperthermal species

Entwicklung der Oberflächenrauhigkeit und der Wachstumsmechanismus von Kohlenstoff-Filmen aus hyperthermischen Species
: Lifshitz, Y.; Edrei, R.; Hoffman, A.; Grossman, E.; Lempert, G.D.; Berthold, J.; Schultrich, B.; Jäger, H.-U.


Kelires, P. C.:
Proceedings of the 6th Specialists' Meeting in Amorphous Carbon, SMAC 2006 : Held in September 2006 in Heraclion, Crete
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2007 (Diamond and related materials 16.2007, Nr.10)
Specialists' Meeting in Amorphous Carbon (SMAC) <6, 2006, Heraclion>
Conference Paper, Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWS ()
diamantähnlicher Kohlenstoff; Oberflächenrauigkeit; Rasterkraftmikroskopie; Einfallswinkel; Filmwachstum; Molekulardynamik; Ionenbeschuss; Theorie-Experiment-Vergleich; Modellsimulation; Ionenstrahlbeschichten

The roughness evolution of carbon films deposited from hyperthermal species was investigated by AFM. 10 eV C deposition at normal incidence angle starts with formation of 10 nm high islands followed by continuous, sp(exp 2) rich films at larger doses with essentially the same feature height and film roughness. 40 eV C deposition at normal incidence angle (0 deg of angle) forms sp(exp 3) rich, atomically smooth films, which become sp(exp 2) rich and rough at oblique angles (>= 60 deg of angle). The limitations of currently available molecular dynamic simulations prevent their use to describe the island formation during 10 eV C bombardment. Dedicated calculations probing the effect of incidence angle on 40 eV C deposition exhibit similar trends to the experimental data i.e. decrease of the sp(exp 3) fraction and increase of the roughness with increasing incidence angle. The results are in accord with the 'subplantation' scheme, linking roughness and sp(exp 2) bonding to surface entrapment. Implications on recent works discussing growth mechanisms or surface smoothening are given.
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