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Einsatzpotenziale von angepassten Fügeverfahren zur Toleranz-Kompensation im Karosseriebau

: Marcus, V.

Chemnitz, 2007, 108 pp.
Chemnitz, TU, Dipl.-Arb., 2007
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Fügetechnik; Karosseriebau; Prozesskette; Toleranz; joining technology; car body shop; process chain; tolerance

The subject of this paper is the evaluation of the profitability of the adjusted joining processes for the use in the automotive car body shop.
Therefore the potential of an application for series production is determined, values for their measurement are deduced and a method for their evaluation is adapted based on the available data and the requirement of the problem.
Using the defined evaluation method, the provided example of joining the front floor assembly with the seat mounting assembly of the plattfrom PQ46 is evaluated on its profitability.
The last chapter of this paper aims at identifying more profitable examples of use. They are identified by analysing quality data as well as information on rework and scrap.