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Starkholzfurnier. WKI prüft Schälfurniererzeugung aus heimischen Baumarten

: Aderhold, J.; Plinke, B.; Duschl, C.; Gafka, G.

Furnier-Magazin 11 (2007), pp.91-96
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()

Most of the plywood used in Germany is imported but, on the other hand, resources of large-diameter timber are available. The potential for new plywood plants was investigated regarding the supply potential with spruce and beech timber from forests in North and South Germany and new processing technologies like e.g. defect clipping and jointing of the veneer ribbon. During peeling tests in two German plywood mills with 170 peel rolls from selected locations complete veneer ribbon surfaces were scanned and digitized. Defects (knots, splits etc.) were detected and statistically evaluated. A software was developed which is capable to simulate several processing methods: E.g. clipping between defects and jointing of clear areas vs. clipping of strips with a fixed width and post-sorting of the strips according to their individual defect frequency. Preliminary results show that simulated yield statistics reflect the visual grade of the logs. Moreover, processing parameters like defect tolerance, minimum clear area between defects and grade specifications can be changed to predict and optimize the yield for each peel roll.