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Renewable resources for electronics

Lignin-based polymers for printed circuit boards
: Müller, J.; Nissen, N.F.; Scheel, W.; Schmidt, R.

Going green. CARE INNOVATION 2006. CD-ROM : From WEEE/RoHS implementation to future sustainable electronics. Sixth international symposium and exhibtion. November 13 - 16, 2006, Kursalon Vienna, Austria. Proceedings
Vienna, 2006
CARE INNOVATION <6, 2006, Vienna>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZM ()

The electronics industry bears an enormous potential for fostering the sustainable development through its technological innovations. However, the growing product numbers consume more and more resources (materials, energy) and generate more and more wastes and emissions. Especially, plastics are often not recycled, but are rather incinerated and so limited resources are ?lost? to the technosphere. In addition, the resulting accumulation of fossil CO2 in the earth's atmosphere is among the causes of the global greenhouse effect. To reduce the environmental burden caused by manufacturing, use and disposal of electronic products is one important reason why bioplastics made from renewable ressources are increasingly gaining in importance since the end of the nineties. The paper will give an overview about world-wide efforts for application of bioplastics in electronics and especially about a material and process development of printed circuit boards made from renewable resources.