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Concepts and designs for universal industrial grippers with basic properties of human hands

: Mütherich, Hendrik; Staab, Harald

Korea Robotics Society; Korean Sensors Society:
ICAR 2007, 13th International Conference on Advanced Robotics. Proceedings : August 21-24 2007, Jeju, Korea
Jeju, Korea, 2007
International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR) <13, 2007, Jeju, Korea>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
gripper; Zwei-Finger-Greifer; Drei-Finger-Greifer; Pneumatik-Hand; Roboter; Automatisierung

Many universal grippers and robotic hands have been developed in the past. In order to be usable for various tasks they are usually very flexible and dexterous with many degrees of freedom. However, they are usually not suitable for application in industry. In contrary, off-the-shelf industrial grippers do not have the universality of dexterous hands. In this paper we try to close this gap and present concepts and developments of a two-finger and a three-finger-gripper with grasping abilities of a human hand and thus for universal use. In particular we point out how they meet industrial requirements concerning reliability, different operational conditions, manufacturing and pricing.