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Status of the undulator system of the seeded HGHG-FEL test bench at MAX-lab

Presentation held at the International Free Electron Laser Conference 2007, Novosibirsk
: Bahrdt, J.; Frentrup, W.; Gaupp, A.; Goldammer, K.; Holldack, K.; Scheer, M.; Brandin, M.; Lindau, F.; Pugachov, D.; Thorin, S.; Werin, S.; Kuhnhenn, J.

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2007, 4 pp.
International Free Electron Laser Conference (FEL) <29, 2007, Novosibirsk>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer INT ()
fiber optic radiation monitor; Cherenkov detector; undulator

Within the EUROFEL Design Study a seeded HGHG-FEL will be set up at the 450 MeV linac at MAX-lab. The undulators and the dispersive section have been installed. Two different glass fiber based radiation dose monitors have been integrated. We report on the performance of these components. The impact of electron losses on undulator magnets and the Cherenkov fibers have been simulated. The THz radiation as produced by the bunched electron beam in the dump magnet can be used as a measure of the longitudinal and transverse overlap of the electron beam and the laser beam which has been concluded from simulations.