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Digital twin testbed and practical applications in production logistics with real-time location data

: Baalsrud Hauge, J.; Zafarzadeh, M.; Jeong, Y.; Li, Y.; Ali Khilji, W.; Larsen, C.; Wiktorsson, M.

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International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management : IJIEM 12 (2021), No.2, pp.129-140
ISSN: 2217-2661
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Nowadays, digital twins exist everywhere in various fields. However, an analysis of existing applications in manufacturing and logistics revealed that many entirely apply the concept. To identify when a complete implementation of the concept is beneficial, we analyse the need and the implications within production logistics. This study also presents an architecture supporting integrating a digital twin into production logistics and a corresponding application scenario. Based on this, we have derived practical applications. Each application is applied to different situations, and actual benefits can overcome the limitations of the previous studies.