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Data for a simulation of metal cutting with cutting fluid using the Finite-Pointset-Method

: Uhlmann, E.; Barth, E.; Seifarth, T.; Höchel, M.; Kuhnert, J.; Eisenträger, A.

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Data in Brief 38 (2021), Art. 107339, 9 pp.
ISSN: 2352-3409
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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The measurement and simulation data, their preparation and the simulation setup published in this co-submission are related to the article “Simulation of metal cutting with cutting fluid using the Finite-Pointset-Method”. Wet and dry turning experiments were conducted at the Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management(IWF), Berlin, Germany. Required adaptions of the used software MESHFREE were performed at Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Germany. Both institutes collaboratively developed and validated the orthogonal cutting simulation model using the Finite-Pointset-Method (FPM).
In this paper all measurement and simulation data and their preparation methods are presented in detail. This includes the preparation methods of process forces, analysis of chip morphology images as well as measured contact lengths on tool rake faces. Moreover, the experimental and simulation data are provided at the Mendeley Data repository. Hence the reader can use the data for own validations and analysis.
Furthermore, the used simulation model files are completely published at the Mendeley Data repository. It allows the reader to retrace all settings. In addition, this enables to repeat the simulations and to simulate other process parameter combinations according to own interests.