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Conceptual Introduction of required development capabilities for Model-Based Systems Engineering

Paper presented at 19th Drive Train Technology Conference, ATK 2021, 9.-11. März 2021, Virtuell
: Schmidt, Marvin M.; Schmidt, Simon; Zimmermann, Thomas C.; Stark, Rainer

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2021, 8 pp.
Drive Train Technology Conference (ATK) <2021, Online>
Presentation, Electronic Publication
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In the last years, multiple tools and methodologies have emerged that try to support the engineers to conduct Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Nevertheless, the tools are usually bound to a certain methodology, which often requires sequential steps instead of supporting the iterative character of modern product development. In this paper, we conceptually introduce the development capabilities of the 5D model for MBSE as a convenient way to cover all relevant aspects of MBSE in an iterative way while being open to methodology and tool choice.