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Artificial Turf Pitches - System Analysis for Switzerland and Germany

Taking into account microplastic and greenhouse gas emissions, recycling, locations and standards, costs, and player opinions
: Bertling, Jürgen; Dresen, Boris; Bertling, Ralf; Aryan, Venkat; Weber, Torsten

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Created on: 27.10.2021

Oberhausen: Fraunhofer UMSICHT, 2021, 140 pp.
Report, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Oberhausen ()
artificial turf; microplastic; Infill; carbon dioxide emissions trading; carbon foot print; recycling; site selections; player opinions; recommendation

Due to infill losses artificial turf pitches have become the focus of society, politics, and the media in the context of the microplastics debate. However, the previous estimates were uncertain due to the vague data situation. In order to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, it has been necessary to improve the data situation and to include further aspects, also outside the microplastic problem. The study makes a contribution towards this with this multi-client study together with the commissioning partners. The aim of the study is to create as objective an evaluation basis as possible for the various options for artificial turf in sports field construction and to provide recommendations for an environmentally sound, economical, and socially responsible solution.