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Mixture of Experts of Neural Networks and Kalman Filters for Optical Belt Sorting

: Thumm, Jakob; Reith-Braun, Marcel; Pfaff, Florian; Hanebeck, Uwe D.; Flitter, Merle; Maier, Georg; Gruna, Robin; Längle, Thomas; Bauer, Albert; Kruggel-Emden, Harald


IEEE transactions on industrial informatics (2021), Online First, 10 pp.
ISSN: 1551-3203
ISSN: 1941-0050
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOSB ()
Artificial Neural Networks; sorting; predictive model; cameras; training; tracking; optical filters

In optical sorting of bulk material, the composition of particles may frequently change. State-of-the-art sorting approaches rely on tuning physical models of the particle motion. The aim of this work is to increase the prediction accuracy in complex, fast-changing sorting scenarios with data-driven approaches. We propose two neural network (NN) experts for accurate prediction of a priori known particle types. To handle the large variety of particle types that can occur in real-world sorting scenarios, we introduce a simple but effective mixture of experts approach that combines NNs with hand-crafted motion models. Our new method not only improves the prediction accuracy for bulk material consisting of many particle classes, but also proves to be very adaptive and robust to new particle types.