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Laser scanning–based straightness measurement of precision bright steel rods at one point

: Schmid-Schirling, Tobias; Kraft, Lea; Carl, Daniel

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The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 116 (2021), No.7/8, pp.2511-2519
ISSN: 0268-3768
ISSN: 1433-3015
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Straightness Measurement; Steel Rod; Automated Calibration; Contactless

In industrial manufacturing of bright steel rods, one important quality factor is the straightness or straightness deviation. Depending on the application, deviations of less than 0.1 mm per meter rod length are desired and can be reached with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Such high-quality requirements can only be guaranteed with continuous quality control. Manual straightness measurements conducted offline using a dial gauge provide accurate results on single positions of the rod. We propose a contactless, optical measurement technique based on laser scanning which has the potential to be used inline during production to inspect all rods over the entire length. Only for calibration of the system the rod needs to be turned around its axis. For the measurement of straightness deviation, it is not required to turn the rod. The method is based on evaluating the intensity signal of the reflected laser radiation against the scan angle. It is shown that in combination with an accurate calibration, this signal can be used to determine the rod’s deviation from a straight rod. We explain the measurement and calibration principle as well as data evaluation. We present the experimental setup and first measurement results on a single position on several samples. For a homogeneous sample surface and neglecting laser drift, accuracy and precision were determined to be in the range of 10–20 μm. We discuss the working principle of a potential inline system.