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A Fabrication Framework for Modular Microsystems

: Großer, V.; Reichl, H.; Kergel, H.; Schünemann, M.

MST News (2000), No.1, pp.4-8
ISSN: 0948-3128
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPA ()
modulares System; Mikrosystem; Fertigung

The demand for miniaturized systems in various applications has been observed for some years. On the other hand, microsystems as a real product have been introduced only for very certain products, mainly for high volume or for specific, for instance medical, applications. The trend to higher integration in microelectronics and the integration of micromechanical, microfluidic and microoptical components in mainstream applications, for example in the machinery industry, requires a new type of microsystem. The full-custom designed system which is especially developed for a low volume application can not be a sufficient solution. This was the reason for the development of new packaging solutions for microsystems which allow a highly flexible design and a production based on a modular strategy which is suitable for a midscale production at reasonable costs.