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Process Mining in der additiven Auftragsabwicklung. Komplexitätsbeherrschung in der additiven fertigung

Process mining for additive manufacturing
: Scherwitz, P.; Ziegler, S.; Schilp, J.


wt Werkstattstechnik online 110 (2020), No.6, pp.429-434
ISSN: 1436-4980
ISSN: 1436-5006
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IGCV ()

The capability of additive manufacturing to produce in batch size 1 creates a high degree of complexity in order processing. This creates great challenges for the data-based optimization of process flows. Due to the low number of pieces, with a high number of variants, the process recording in additive manufacturing is connected with significant expenditures. This can be overcome by automated process recording. Therefore, this article will examine the technology of process mining and, based on this, present a procedure for data-based optimization in additive manufacturing.