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Statistical evaluation of fatigue tests using maximum likelihood

: Störzel, Klaus; Baumgartner, Jörg


MP materials testing 63 (2021), No.8, pp.714-720
ISSN: 0025-5300
ISSN: 2195-8572
Journal Article
Fraunhofer LBF ()
fatigue strength; statistical evaluation; S-N-curve; Maximum Likelihood Method; DIN 50100

The statistical evaluation of fatigue tests can be carried out using the maximum likelihood method. With this method, the influence of run-outs on the S-N curve can be statistically considered. Typically, a bilinear S-N curve (Wöhler curve) in double-logarithmic representation is used. The logarithmic normal distribution is the basis for describing the scatter, which is assumed here to be independent of the number of cycles. For parameter determination via the maximum likelihood method, reliability is examined and compared with the evaluation methods proposed in DIN 50100. While a defined test procedure is required for the application of DIN 50100, any test data can be evaluated according to the maximum likelihood method. In comparison with the methods proposed in DIN 50100, it could be shown through some examples that the maximum likelihood method yields very reliable results for all S-N curve parameters.