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Broadband spatio-temporal propagation characteristics of Airy plasmons

: Singh, A.V.; Falkner, M.; Steinert, M.; Kaiser, T.; Isic, G.; Pertsch, T.

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OSA continuum 3 (2020), No.7, pp.1870-1878
ISSN: 2578-7519
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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electromagnetic wave polarization; gold metallography; surface plasmon resonance

We experimentally investigate the propagation of Airy surface plasmon polaritons (Airy SPPs) on a gold film by multiphoton Photoemission Electron Microscopy (PEEM) at different excitation wavelengths and compare the result with rigorous numerical simulations. The typical bent trajectories of the excited two-dimensional beams are observed and analyzed over a wide range of wavelengths. We furthermore investigate the generation bandwidth of the diffraction grating from modal overlap calculations and evaluate the possibility of creating ultrashort Airy plasmon pulses. This provides a viable route to engineer two-dimensional ultrashort non-diffracting pulsed beams in the field of ultrafast nanophotonics.