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Effect of sample geometry on the macroscopic shear deformation of the titanium alloy Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al subjected to quasi-static and dynamic compression-shear loading

: Winter, Sven; Scholze, Mario; Wagner, Martin F.-X.

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IOP conference series. Materials science and engineering 1147 (2021), Art. 012014, 13 pp.
ISSN: 1757-8981
ISSN: 1757-899X
Werkstofftechnisches Kolloquium <22, 2021, Online>
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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dynamic material testing; shear-compression; adiabatic; titanium; digital image correlation

We investigate the evolution of shear bands in a Ti-10V-3Fe-2Al alloy with three different initial microstructures: solution-annealed β-titanium, β-titanium with primary α-phase precipitates as well as a condition with primary and secondary α-phase precipitates. Quasi-static and dynamic testing of compression-shear specimens with strain rates of 10-3 s-1 and 102 s-1 is performed at room temperature. The influence of two different sample geometries on the macroscopic shearing tendency is investigated: samples with a cylindrical cross section and samples with a square cross section. The results of digital image correlation and the nominal stress-strain behavior under quasi-static and dynamic loading indicate a stronger localization tendency of the aged conditions with additional α-phase precipitates compared to the solution- annealed pure β-condition. Our results also demonstrate that compression-shear testing with samples with a square cross-section reduces facet loss, increases the resolution even at high strain rates and therefore allows to analyze strain distributions during shear band formation and propagation with higher accuracy.