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A New Maintenance Optimization Model Based on Three-Stage Time Delay for Series Intelligent System with Intermediate Buffer

: Lv, X.; Liu, Q.; Li, Z.; Dong, Y.; Xia, T.; Chen, X.

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Shock and vibration 2021 (2021), Art. 6694896, 19 pp.
ISSN: 1070-9622
ISSN: 1875-9203
Journal Article, Electronic Publication

For the maintenance problem of intelligent series system with buffer stock, a preventive maintenance model based on the threestage time delay theory is proposed. Firstly, the intelligent series system is decomposed into n - 1 virtual series systems by using approximate decomposition method. The impact factor is introduced to establish the failure rate and maintenance rate model of each virtual machine. Secondly, a preventive maintenance model based on the three-stage time delay theory is proposed for each virtual series system. The machine state from normal operation to failure stage is divided into three steps: initial defect, serious defect, and fault, and different distribution functions are defined in different stages to simulate the degradation process of the machine. Based on the three-stage time delay theory, the machine cost ratio model was established by taking the machine monitoring time and buffer stock as decision variables and the minimum unit time cost rat e as objective function. Finally, the rationality and validity of the model are verified by an example analysis, which provides a basis for the maintenance of the intelligent series system.