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Digital Innovation Hubs in Health-Care Robotics Fighting COVID-19: Novel Support for Patients and Health-Care Workers across Europe

: Jovanovic, Kosta; Schwier, Andrea; Matheson, Eloise; Xiloyannis, Michele; Rodijk-Rozeboom, Esther; Hochhausen, Nadine; Vermeulen, Brecht; Graf, Birgit; Wolf, Peter; Nawrat, Zbigniew; Escuder, Jordi; Mechelinck, Mare; Sorensen, Birgitte; Boscolo, Paola Roberta; Obach, Michael; Tognarelli, Selene; Jankovic, Milica; Leroux, Christophe; Ferrigno, Giancarlo; Siepel, Francoise J.; Stramigioli, Stefano

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IEEE robotics & automation magazine 28 (2021), No.1, pp.40-47
ISSN: 1070-9932
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Robotik; COVID-19; Impfstoff; Kinematik; Sensorik

The use of robotics in health care has seen a recent rise in interest due to its potential for use during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. The transmission rate of COVID-19 has meant that health-care workers are under increasing pressure, risks, and workload to manage the requirements of personal protective equipment, strict disinfection procedures, and the heightened medical needs of patients. Patients are suffering from isolation, and not just in hospitals: higher-risk individuals must shelter, meaning social interactions, particularly in care homes, are limited. Robots can help by providing disinfection and logistics services that support patients and health-care professionals, by acting as devices to be used for rehabilitation at home (for both pre-existing conditions and for COVID-19-related treatment), and via interventional systems that can widely distribute future vaccinations.