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Synthesis of Ethyl (Diethoxymethyl)phosphinate Derivatives and Their Flame Retardancy in Flexible Polyurethane Foam: Structure-flame Retardancy Relationships

: Zhou, F.; Ma, C.; Zhang, K.; Chan, Y.Y.; Xiao, Y.; Schartel, B.; Doring, M.; Wang, B.; Hu, W.; Hu, Y.


Polymer degradation and stability 188 (2021), Art. 109557
ISSN: 0141-3910
Journal Article
Fraunhofer LBF ()

Three novel liquid ethyl (diethoxymethyl)phosphinate derivatives (EDPs) were synthesized and incorporated into flexible polyurethane foams (FPUFs). The flame retardancy of FPUFs were evaluated by limiting oxygen index (LOI), vertical burning and cone calorimetry tests, and the results indicated the structure-flame retardancy relationship of EDPs. Among these EDPs, P-(diethoxymethyl)-N-phenylphosphonamidate (EDPPA) exhibited the best flame retardant effect, methyl 3-((diethoxymethyl)(ethoxy)phosphoryl)propanoate (EDPMA) the second, and ethyl phenyl (diethoxymethyl)phosphonate (EDPPO) the worst. When the incorporation of EDPPA was 10 wt%, the FPUFs could self-extinguish and pass the vertical burning test. Meanwhile, the LOI value of FPUF-PA increased to 23.6% with 20 wt% loading of flame retardant. According to the investigation of volatiles during the thermal degradation of FPUFs and the morphologies of char residues after cone test, we inferred the possible flame retardant mechanism. The results indicated that EDPs could release phosphorus-containing compounds in the gas phase, which would generate phosphorus-containing radicals and play the role of radical scavenger. In the condensed phase, EDPs can promote the formation of dense, intact and thermal stably char layer on the surface of FPUFs. Moreover, we found that the structure influence on flame retardancy was attributed to the atoms linked to the central phosphorus. Our results indicate that these EDPs are promising flame retardants in FPUFs that can be applied to improve the flame retardancy of FPUFs in various practical applications.