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Policy support measures for widespread expansion of fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

: Baumgarte, F.; Kaiser, M.; Keller, R.


Energy policy 156 (2021), Art. 112372
ISSN: 0301-4215
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FIT ()

Public fast charging infrastructure (FCI) is essential for the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). To reach higher EV penetration, investments into the development of a comprehensive and widespread fast charging network are necessary. However, current investments in FCI are only profitable in specific locations resulting in a severe lack of deployments in most areas. The wish for rapid development of both, EVs and related charging opportunities, requires political support measures for FCI. This paper investigates various support measures regarding their contribution to a comprehensive expansion of FCI through profitability enhancement. We illustrate the impact of different support measures on the profitability of three different charging power categories at three different located charging sides along the German freeway. Besides the traffic volume, the profitability of FCI strongly depends on the location's surrounding charging facilities and population characteristics and decreases with increasing charging power. Currently available support measures such as investment subsidies or the exemption from the electricity tax do not contribute significantly to a widespread expansion of FCI. Changes in the demand charges have a higher potential to support nationwide investments in FCI.