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Assessment of ecological and economic balance of the territory of the Karaganda region

: Rakhmetova, A.; Beisenova, R.; Akpambetova, K.; Scharaw, Buren

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Polish journal of soil science 53 (2020), No.2, pp.211-224
ISSN: 2449-8254
ISSN: 0079-2985
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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ecological and economic balance; Karaganda; anthropogenic load; nature protection; geoinformation technologies; ecological cartregionography; ArcGIS 10.1.

Currently, Kazakhstan is faced with the problem of a serious deterioration of the state of natural resources and the environment in all the most important environmental indicators. Almost a third of agricultural land is now degraded or is under serious threat, and more than 10 million hectares of potentially arable land in the past have been abandoned. This article discusses various methods and also carries out a comprehensive assessment of the environmental and economic balance of the Karaganda region. For the study on the state of the regional-scale object, the choice as the basis for analyzing the structure of the land seems to be the most adequate, since it is the land use device that objectively reflects the current state of industrial, agricultural and recreational impact. A comprehensive assessment of the ecological and economic balance of the territory of the Karaganda region was carried out according to the ratio of the main land-use categories taking into account the intensity of anthropogenic load. The coefficient of natural protection of the territory is determined and the outlined trends in the ecological and economic state are analyzed.