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Advanced technologies for industry - product watch. Bio-based flavours and fragrances

: Schwarz, Alexander; Wydra, Sven


Brussels: European Union, 2020, 20 pp.
ISBN: 978-92-9202-917-3 (Print)
ISBN: 978-92-9202-918-0 (PDF)
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While biotech F&F represent a niche, they may yet constitute an interesting example for an entry point to commercialise products based on synthetic biology, which is considered as a promising technology for bio-based products. The value chain represents high value, low volume products with a broad application potential for which biotechnological production may have competitive advantages over current production methods. In addition, many F&F substances feature additional benefits like insect repellent effects that could make them high-value food ingredients, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals for instance. The report aims to provide an overview of relevant stakeholders with an analytical and empirical base to see how ATI based products can help EU industry to stay ahead of global competition.