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HEnRY: a DZIF LIMS tool for the collection and documentation of biomaterials in multicentre studies

: Heinen, S.; Schulze, N.; Franke, B.; Klein, F.; Lehmann, C.; Vehreschild, M.J.G.T.; Gloistein, C.; Stecher, M.; Vehreschild, J.J.

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BMC bioinformatics. Online journal 21 (2020), Art. 290, 14 pp.
ISSN: 1471-2105
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Background: Well-characterized biomaterials of high quality have great potential for acceleration and quality improvement in translational biomedical research. To improve accessibility of local sample collections, efforts have been made to create central biomaterial banks and catalogues. Available technical solutions for creating professional local sample catalogues and connecting them to central systems are cost intensive and/or technically complex to implement. Therefore, the Translational Thematic Unit HIV of the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) developed a Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS) called HIV Engaged Research Technology (HEnRY) for implementation into the Translational Platform HIV (TP-HIV) at the DZIF and other research networks. Results: HEnRY is developed at the University Hospital of Cologne. It is an advanced LIMS to manage processing and storage of samples and aliquots of different sample types. Features include: monitoring of stored samples and associated information data selection via query tools or Structured Query Language (SQL) preparation of summary documents, including scannable search lists centralized management of the practical laboratory part of multicentre studies (e.g. import of drawing schemes and sample processing steps), preparation of aliquot shipments, including associated documents to be added to shipments unique and secure identification of aliquots through use of customizable Quick Response (QR) code labels directly from HEnRY support of aliquot data transmission to central registries. In summary, HEnRY offers all features necessary for a LIMS software. In addition, the structure of HEnRY provides sufficient flexibility to allow the implementation in other research areas. Conclusion: HEnRY is a free biobanking tool published under the MIT license. While it was developed to support HIV research in Germany, the feature set and language options, allow much broader applications and make this a powerful free research tool.