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Nrf2 - A Molecular Target for Sepsis Patients in Critical Care

: Gunne, S.; Heinicke, U.; Parnham, M.J.; Laux, V.; Zacharowski, K.; Knethen, A.V.

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Biomolecules 10 (2020), No.12, Art. 1688, 22 pp.
ISSN: 2218-273X
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
SFB 815
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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The transcription factor NF-E2 p45-related factor 2 (Nrf2) is an established master regulator of the anti-oxidative and detoxifying cellular response. Thus, a role in inflammatory diseases associated with the generation of large amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS) seems obvious. In line with this, data obtained in cell culture experiments and preclinical settings have shown that Nrf2 is important in regulating target genes that are necessary to ensure cellular redox balance. Additionally, Nrf2 is involved in the induction of phase II drug metabolizing enzymes, which are important both in degrading and converting drugs into active forms, and into putative carcinogens. Therefore, Nrf2 has also been implicated in tumorigenesis. This must be kept in mind when new therapy approaches are planned for the treatment of sepsis. Therefore, this review highlights the function of Nrf2 in sepsis with a special focus on the translation of rodent-based results into sepsis patients in the intensive care unit (ICU).