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Life and biological sciences and technologies as engines for bio-based innovation

Studies on support to research and innovation policy in the area of bio-based products and services. Independent expert report
: Wydra, Sven; Hüsing, Bärbel; Aichinger, Heike; Fischer, Piret; Kaufmann, Tanja; Schmoch, Ulrich; Voglhuber-Slavinsky, Ariane; Bas, Davidis; Spekreijse, Jurjen; Vis, Martijn; Bardellini, Marcello; Bertuzzi, Niccolò; Moreschi, Raffaella; Ferrari, Alice de; Abbondanti Sitta, Ilaria

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Created on: 17.4.2021

Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2021, 266 pp.
ISBN: 978-92-76-32164-4
Report, Electronic Publication
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Life and biological sciences and technologies are enablers for bio-based innovations that bear the potential to use natural resources sustainably, by reducing dependence on fossil fuels, by protecting the environment and climate, ensuring food security, and maintaining international competitiveness. This study presents the 50 most significant bio-based innovations for the next 5-20 years. The portfolio of top 50 bio-based innovations covers on the one hand cross-cutting technologies and approaches, enabling many different applications, on the other hand innovation areas or solutions to challenges, which may be enabled by different technologies or approaches. Together with a policy and innovation ecosystem analysis and four bio-based innovation scenarios for Europe in 2030, the study provides strategic knowledge for policy makers, innovation stakeholders and society. It reveals that in order to fully exploit the potential of bio-based innovations stakeholders have to implement strategic approaches and various actions. Potential measures are ranging from further support of Research & Development, to knowledge transfer and collaboration, demand-oriented measures as well as to strive for higher coherence between different regions in the European Union.