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Formability optimization of laser welded patchwork structures

Optimierung der Umformbarkeit lasergeschweißter Patchworkstrukturen
: Jahn, A.; Standfuß, J.; Brenner, B.; Mauermann, R.; Menzel, S.

Vollertsen, F. ; Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Lasertechnik -WLT-:
Lasers in manufacturing 2007 : Proceedings of the Fourth International WLT-Conference Lasers in Manufacturing, LIM 2007, Munich, Germany, June 18th - 22nd, 2007
Stuttgart: AT-Fachverlag, 2007
ISBN: 978-3-00-021449-3
International Conference on Lasers in Manufacturing (LIM) <4, 2007, München>
Conference Paper
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Patchwork; laser welding; induction; formability; advanced high strength steel; Karosserieanbauteil; Gewichtsverringerung; Lastverteilung=mechanisch; Stahlblech; mechanische Verstärkung; Belastbarkeit; Laserstrahlschweißen; Umformbarkeit; induktive Erwärmung; experimentelle Untersuchung

The patchwork technology includes a local reinforcement of a base sheet by a small patch. Booth sheets, made of advanced high streght steels, can be favorably joined by laser remote welding. the load adapted patch geometry and specific seam sontours lead to an optimized forming behavior of the whole patchwork structure. A local inductive treatment partially enhances the formability furthermore. A forming-optimized patchwork design was developed by hydro-forming tests on model samples. The production and testing of two demonstrators proves the practicability.