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The Relevance of Fuel Cells for Mobility Applications. Discussion Paper

: Baum, Christoph; Janssen, Henning; Brecher, Christian; Schuh, Günther; Aretz, Martin; Hamm, Carolin; Horstkotte, Rainer; Kersting, Marlin; Lee, Sangwook; Masonett, Angela; Müller, Clemens; Nadicksbernd, Maximilian; Panchenko, Ulla; Schenk, Leonard; Scholz, Paul; Voebel, Toni

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Created on: 15.4.2021

Aachen: Fraunhofer IPT, 2021, 81 pp.
ISBN: 978-3-00-067727-4
Report, Electronic Publication
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As energy conversion systems, Fuel Cells (FCs) enable zero emission mobility and have advantages compared to battery-based powertrains for electric vehicles with high payload and high range requirements. Currently high system costs due to low volume production and technological uncertainty hold back a widespread market distribution.