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Digital servitization: Crossing the perspectives of digitization and servitization. Editorial

: Gebauer, Heiko; Paiola, Marco; Saccani, Nicola; Rapaccini, Mario


Industrial marketing management 93 (2021), pp.382-388
ISSN: 0019-8501
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IMW ()

For over three decades now, several product companies around the world have been undertaking servitization paths. They have been devoting growing and substantial efforts to expand their service business. Expanding the service business in addition to their traditional core product business secures long-term growth and strengthens competitive advantages in business-to-business marketplaces. Recently, service business expansion has taken up many of the new digital technologies offered through the digital transformation. Thus, the servitization literature has progressed toward a dialogue on digital servitization . Against this background, the present article introduces the reader to this special issue. It first recalls key aspects of the emerging digital servitization discussion, and then depicts, through illustrative case studies, the growth paths utilized by industrial product companies when they take advantage of the digital servitization process. After discussing how the articles included in this special issue advance the literature, the article develops a number of directions for future research on digital servitization.