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Temperature self-regulating flat electric heaters based on MWCNTs-modified polymers

: Ali, Imran; AlGarni, Tahani Saad; Shchegolkov, Alexandr; Shchegolkov, Aleksei; Jang, Sung-Hwan; Galunin, Evgeny; Komarov, Fadey; Borovskikh, Pavel; Imanova, Gunel T.


Polymer bulletin (2020), Online First
ISSN: 0096-834X
ISSN: 0170-0839
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IMW ()
MWCNTs-modified polymers; temperature self-regulation; volume and surface resistance; elastomer

This article describes a technique for the manufacturing of the composites MWCNTs-modified elastomers. The effect of the different MWCNTs mass contents in the elastomer on specific volume and surface electrical resistivity values was investigated. The results on the heaters based on the elastomers and altered with multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) over various catalysts are discussed. It was found that with an increase in the MWCNTs mass content, the maximum power is achieved at a lower voltage value. Besides, temperature fields were measured on the surface of heater samples, and it was established that the temperature variation on the sample surface did not exceed 5 °C, and the heaters had a heating rate of 0.20.5 °C/s. Furthermore, a comparison of these heaters with the analogs previously reported by the other researchers is presented, indicating good importance of the reported work. The industrial (commercial) production of such devices is mainly associated with using in fan heaters for domestic purposes, in heaters built into clothes in underfloor heating systems and motor vehicles. The present work will find a good industrial application in the future.