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Fundamental investigation of the "Draw-peeling" process

: Kieselstein, J.; Leopold, J.

Micari, F.; Filice, L. ; University of Calabria, Rende:
10th CIRP International Workshop on Modeling of Machining Operations. Proceedings : August 27-28, 2007, Reggio Calabria, Italy
Rende: University of Calabria, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 2007
ISBN: 978-88-95267-04-3
International Workshop on Modeling of Machining Operations <10, 2007, Reggio Calabria>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
draw-peeling process; experimental investigation; modeling; finite element simulation; Drahtschälen; experimentelle Untersuchung; Modellierung; Finite-Elemente-Simulation

With the production of wire rod, partially unavoidable errors in the boundary region develop. For that reason, wires for qualitative-fastidious products all over the world undergo a cutting treatment today. One of these procedures is draw-peeling.
So far a closed view of the process is missing and in addition to that, a multiplicity of explanatory variables affects the result, which can lead again to further errors. The consequence is that during the optimisation of this process, a high number of empirical tests are necessary. Based on this consideration, the present essay shows an approach by using the finite element method to reduce that complexity. On the basis of 2-dimensional calculations with different friction factors (100Cr6) and experimental tests with constant boundary conditions we created a first basis for the optimization of the draw-peeling. Calculations could be compared with the test results by using a force measurement and a high speed camera which documented the cutting process for the first time.