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Terahertz generation with 1064 nm DFB laser diode

Erzeugung von Terahertz-Strahlung mit DFB-Laserdioden bei 1064 nm
: Wilk, R.; Klehr, A.; Mikulics, M.; Hasek, T.; Walther, M.; Koch, M.


Electronics Letters 43 (2007), No.2, pp.108-110
ISSN: 0013-5194
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
terahertz; DFB laser; THz; time domain spectroscopy; low temperature GaSb

Optoelectronic generation of continuous THz radiation with a compact, high power DFB laser which operates simultaneously on two longitudinal modes corresponding to the fundamental and first-order lateral modes is demonstrated. The spectral mode spacing is 0.45 nm. THz emission is obtained by mixing the two-line laser emission in an LT-GaAs0.81Sb0.19 photomixer.