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Modifikation einer konventionellen Schweißzange unter Verwendung von faserverstärktem Kunststoff

: Meltke, R.

Chemnitz, 2007, 86 pp.
Chemnitz, TU, Dipl.-Arb., 2007
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Schweißzange; Punktschweißen; CFK; Rohr(dickwandig); Krafteinleitung; Simulation

Spot welding guns are predominantly used for welding steel sheets in the automotive industry. High press powers are necessary for the method of spot welding. Therefore, the arms of the gun must have high stiffnes values to achieve high qualities of welding. The spot welding guns are mostly used in combination with welding robots. These machines have a very high operating speed. Accuracy and dynamics of the robots can be improved by reducing the weight of the components being moved as i.e. the spot welding gun. The aim of this diploma thesis was to determine, whether there was the possibility of both achieving a reduction of weight and keeping the stiffness values while replacing steel with fibre reinforced composites. The outer geometry of the partially bended arms wasn't allowed to be exceeded. The analysis of the design was firstly done by numerical simulation. The final result was that the requirements could not be fulfilled. Nevertheless a demonstrators was built for increasing knowledge. The deformation results from the simulation and experimental measurement of this part were compared. The differences, which followed from it, have their causes in the applied hose blow moulding and the force applications.