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3D-CFD analysis of the effect of cooling via minitubes on the performance of a three-fluid combined membrane contactor

: Afrasiabian, E.; Iliev, O.; Shklyar, I.; Prill, T.; Isetti, C.; Lazzari, S.

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International journal of low carbon technologies 14 (2019), No.3, pp.400-409
ISSN: 1748-1325
ISSN: 1748-1317
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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A 3D computational fluid dynamics model was adopted to study the effects of internal cooling on the performance of a three-fluid combined membrane contactor (3F-CMC), in the presence of minitubes in solution and a spacer in the air channel. This compact 3F-CMC is part of a hybrid climate-control system, recently developed for serving in electric vehicles. For the studied operating conditions, results show that the absorption and sensible effectiveness parameters increase up to 77% and 124% by internal cooling, respectively. This study also reports 3D flow effects on the heat and mass transfer enhancement inside the contactor, with implications for further design improvements.