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The Case for Session Sharing: Relieving Clients from TLS Handshake Overheads

: Hiller, J.; Henze, M.; Zimmermann, T.; Hohlfeld, O.; Wehrle, K.


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers -IEEE-; IEEE Computer Society; IEEE Computer Society, Technical Committee on Computer Communications:
IEEE 44th Local Computer Networks Symposium on Emerging Topics in Networking, LCN Symposium 2019. Proceedings : 14 October 2019, Osnabrück, Germany
Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-7281-2562-6
ISBN: 978-1-7281-2561-9
ISBN: 978-1-7281-2560-2
Local Computer Networks Symposium on Emerging Topics in Networking (LCN) <44, 2019, Osnabrück>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer FKIE ()

In recent years, the amount of traffic protected with Transport Layer Security (TLS) has significantly increased and new protocols such as HTTP/2 and QUIC further foster this emerging trend. However, protecting traffic with TLS has significant impacts on network entities. While the restrictions for middleboxes have been extensively studied, addressing the impact of TLS on clients and servers has been mostly neglected so far. Especially mobile clients in emerging 5G and IoT deployments suffer from significantly increased latency, traffic, and energy overheads when protecting traffic with TLS. In this paper, we address this emerging topic by thoroughly analyzing the impact of TLS on clients and servers and derive opportunities for significantly decreasing latency of TLS communication and downsizing TLS management traffic, thereby also reducing TLS-induced server load. We propose a protocol compatible redesign of TLS session management to use these opportunities and showcase their potential based on mobile device traffic and mobile web-browsing traces. These show promising potentials for latency improvements by up to 25.8% and energy savings of up to 26.3%.