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BREM-STAR and TIGER-STAR: A small satellite concept for thermospheric-ionospheric 3D monitoring

: Matthews, O.; Dittus, H.; Wiegand, M.; Rath, H.J.; Schmidtke, G.; Wienhold, F.; Neske, E.


Physics and chemistry of the earth. Part C 25 (2000), No.5-6, pp.477-482
ISSN: 1464-1917
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPM ()
3D-monitoring; thermosphere; ionosphere; precise radiometric measurement; solar radiation; terrestrial radiation; extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation; solar wind

The BREM-STAR/TIGER-STAR satellite represents a dedicated low-cost concept for 3D monitoring of the thermosphere/ionosphere (T/I) to be conducted during an overlapping period of the ISS SOLAR mission. The primary goal is to execute precise radiometric measurements of the variable solar and terrestrial extreme ultraviolet/Ultraviolet (EUV) radiation and their impact on the T/I system. In combination with high-frequency measurements of the Earth's magnetic field over a period of two year the interaction of the solar wind with the upper atmospheric region will be investigated. Additional two-fequency GPS measurements allow to derive Total Electron Content (TEC). The TEC values will be correlated with the solar EUV/UV and solar wind inputs to improve the correction algorithms for a broad range of applications in the fields of space communication and navigation. In the frame of the TIGER program the development of more accurate models of the thermosphere/ionosphere shall be supported by this proposed project. The scientific payload and its implications on the satellite system are described.