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Transferring Innovation from Corporate Incubators to its Parent Company. Derivation of Requirements for the Interfaces

: Schuh, Günther; Vogt, Florian; Künstner, Maximilian

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Journal of production systems and logistics 1 (2020), Art. 2, 15 pp.
ISSN: 2702-2587
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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corporate incubator; interfaces; innovation transfer

The transfer of innovations into the parent company is one of the major challenges that separate innovation paths, such as corporate incubators, are facing these days. So far there is no specific design model for the transfer of innovation from corporate incubators. This research paper therefore focusses on the development of requirements for the configuration of the interfaces between these two entities. Based on an intensive literature study as well as interviews within a German automotive supplier, requirements for the transfer process between corporate incubator and its parent company are derived and discussed.