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The rationale behind implant coatings to promote osteointegration, bone healing or regeneration

: Borcherding, Kai; Schmidmaier, Gerhard; Hofmann, Gunther O.; Wildemann, Britt

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Injury 52 (2021), Supplement 2, pp.S106-S111
ISSN: 0020-1383
ISSN: 1879-0267
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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Osteointegration; Osteoconduction; Osteoinduction; Osteogenesis; arthroplasty; fracture healing; defect; coating

Implant loosening, bone healing failure, implant-associated infections, and large bony defects remain challenges in orthopedic surgery. Implant surface modifications and coatings are being developed to promote osteointegration, prevent colonization by bacteria, and release bioactive factors. The following mini-review briefly discusses the clinical problem, explains the four “osteos”, presents examples of coatings used for different orthopedic indications, and finally raises awareness of the coating and translational requirements.