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A simple analogous model for the determination of cyclic plasticity parameters of thin wires to model wire drawing

: Schenk, T.; Seifert, T.; Brehm, H.


Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology 129 (2007), No.3, pp.488-495
ISSN: 0094-4289
ISSN: 1528-8889
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()
wire drawing; plastic deformation; Bauschinger effect; high temperature deformation; data fitting

Cyclic stress-strain measurements have to be performed in order to determine the cyclic plasticity parameters of material models describing the Bauschinger effect. For thin wires, the performance of tensile tests is often not possible due to necking of the specimen on exceeding the yield stress, whereas compression tests are uncritical. This paper presents an approach to determine the cyclic plasticity parameters by performance of compression tests for wires before and after drawing. Here, a simple analogous model is used instead of finite-element (FE) simulations. This approach has been applied for two different integration time steps in order to evaluate their influence on the fit and the accuracy of the integration. It is shown that good accuracy can be obtained for the cyclic plasticity parameters. For FE simulations using larger integration time steps, large deviations have been noted. However there the analogous model could also be adopted in order to find appropriate model parameters. In general, it is the intention of this paper to show that searching an analogous model can be a very time- and cost-saving task.