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Numerical simulation of electrostatic spray-painting using multiple high-speed rotary bell atomizers

: Ye, Qiaoyan; Pulli, Karlheinz; Steinhilber, Timo; Scheibe, Andreas

Seibert, K.W.:
The Best of Automotive CFD : Proceedings of the 3rd EACC 2007 European Automotive CFD Conference. Frankfurt, Germany, 5th - 6th July 2007
Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA: Fluent, 2007
ISBN: 0-9719532-1-X
European Automotive CFD Conference (EACC) <3, 2007, Frankfurt>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
coating process; electrostatic; high speed rotary bell; Lackierprozeß; numerical simulation; numerische Simulation; rotary bell atomizer; spray painting; Sprühen

In this paper a numerical simulation of electrostatic spray-painting with two high-speed rotary bell atomizers has been performed. The influence of the shaping airflow rate for a given distance between the atomizers on the final film thickness distribution on the work piece, a flat plate, has been studied. The CFD coce FLUENT was used for calculating the flow field, the electrostatic field and the static spray pattern on the work piece. Dynamic film thickness distributors were calculated by using the DLS code developed at Fraunhofer IPA with consideration of the oscillating painting path similar to the spray application with a roof machine. The simulated film thickness distributions were compared to the experimental results.