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Optical characterisation of hybrid antireflective coatings using spectrophotometric and ellipsometric measurements

: Janicki, V.; Sancho-Parramon, J.; Stenzel, O.; Lappschies, M.; Görtz, B.; Rickers, C.; Polenzky, C.; Richter, U.


Applied optics 46 (2007), No.24, pp.6084-6091
ISSN: 0003-6935
ISSN: 1539-4522
ISSN: 1559-128X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
materials and process characterization; antireflection coating

A hybrid antireflective coating combining homogeneous layers and linear gradient refractive index layers has been deposited using different techniques. The samples were analyzed optically based on spectrophotometric and spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements under different angles of incidence in order to precisely characterize the coatings. The Lorentz-Lorenz model has been used to calculate the refractive index of material mixtures in gradient and constant index layers of the coating. The obtained refractive index profiles have been compared with the targeted ones to detect errors in processes of deposition.